Phase 2…did not start off with a bang

Get It Done So Phase 2 started on Wednesday. The training has been right on. Only yesterday I had to change a few exercises around since I did my workout from home. Did not feel up to driving all the way to my gym to just workout…so did it from home. Only had to substitute the last 2 tricep exercises with different ones & cardio was skipping instead of treadmill.
This phase I’m pretty much destroying my muscles. Weight is heavier, but I notice how much stronger I’ve gotten. By the end of my workouts I am extremely shaky. I’m convinced that if it wasn’t for my Mutant- Rehab(I mix this with my protein shake after my workouts) DOMS would render me immovable. But I LOVE that feeling of my muscles burning as I struggle to get those last few reps in. I usually don’t have a spotter as I prefer to workout solo, so I have to pause for a few seconds before continuing. Along with some grunts (and maybe a curse word or two?!) I finish off my set.

Food. Thats what got me this week. My goal is supposed to be 90% adherence or higher. FAIL for me…I’d say 50% if I’m lucky. It’s not that all my meals would be bad. Just that 1 meal would not be part of the plan. Which counts as an X. :(. I blame it on this long weekend.. During the week I’m pretty good at staying on schedule, but come the weekend its hard. Breakfast is always right on..its meals 3-6 that can be off track.

So as I start this new week I’m really going to aim for 100%. Maybe from here on out (till may 25 that is) I will become a hermit. Just leave the house to train my clients, train myself, then straight back home. Ok, and of course the necessary trips to the grocery store and such. But other than that I need to get a hold of this ‘situation’ as time is ticking.

Good luck to me!


About C.Esmeralda7

A gym rat who finds refuge in the iron jungle.. a trainer who has learned & continues to learn from fellow trainers and who hopes to inspire others to lead a healthy lifestyle.

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  1. Keep it up Cynthia….I’m with you all the way clean eating this month!!

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