Tick-Tock….6 Weeks To Go

Ok so there are SIX weeks till showtime. I must admit I haven’t been 100% on top of my game. This week has proven to be the most difficult yet. Due to unexpected occurences I am home all week. My workouts have been totally modified. I have had to make due with the little equipment I have in the basement.

My arsenal includes:

  • a TRX
  • 40 pd kettlebell
  • 15pd dumbbells
  • old school bench and weights ( by old school..I literally mean it; cement weights, that bench with the attached leg curl/extension)
  • a punching bag
  • skipping rope
  • yoga mat

I did legs on Tuesday. Was able to get in sumo deadlifts. Instead of leg curls for the hamstrings I did single leg RDL with the kettlebell. Then I did bulgarian split squat with 30pds superset with trx piston squats. I threw in a mini circuit of rear delt flies, pike pushups, 40pd weighted crunches & leg raises..(since I missed shoulders on monday). I am feeling the results of that workout today..good old DOMS!

I sent my biweekly report a day late (monday) which I hadn’t ever done. I was expecting to get a lecture from coach..but to my surprise she responded very positively to my picture update. She said I have noticeably tightened up & leaned out. This brought a huge smile to my face. It just goes to show how your perception of things changes when you’re feeling down in the dumps. Mind you, I had been getting lots of comments from my clients on how my arms are looking so much more defined or how much smaller my waist looks. But one bad week totally threw me off.

Then last night I got a new workout plan from coach. Nutrition will be the same (yay :s) and every 6th day I am going to be doing a heavy carb day. By heavy I mean HEAVY.

Workouts are including a lot more cardio…15min of skipping as soon as I wake up on some days. I do lower body twice with one of those days finishing off with a killer lower body circuit.

I will start this new workout schedule on sunday. Will see how it goes.

Today I will manage to do back & biceps. I will also throw in some bag work along with my skipping intervals.

Here I go… 002


About C.Esmeralda7

A gym rat who finds refuge in the iron jungle.. a trainer who has learned & continues to learn from fellow trainers and who hopes to inspire others to lead a healthy lifestyle.

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