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Went out with a bang!!

So today was my last day at the gym I work with. It’s been a hell of a 4 year ride. I’ve learned alot from all the different trainers, met some interesting people and made friendships that I will always remember. It was my home away from home… I can’t say I won’t miss it!! 😥

I THINK that my ‘morning sickness’ is slowly subsiding as I enter my second trimester. Some days I feel like a million bucks, others I barely have the energy to hold myself up. I’m crossing my fingers that by the next couple weeks I feel back to my old self again.

Today us trainers had our weekly training session. Today’s workout was Shaniquoa:

Jumping Pull-ups x20 reps
Push-ups x30 reps
Explosive sit-ups x40 reps
Weighted squats x50 reps x35pds

Rest 2min.. Total of 4 sets

I will admit that I was not able to do 20 pull-ups.. Regularly I can get in maybe 10-12. But good old carpal tunnel (a symptom of pregnancy) has messed with my grip. So I was only able to get 4-6 in, the rest of the time I would jump up to the bar and hold for 5 seconds before releasing.

Push-ups I struggled with.. Again wrists can’t take the pressure, so I paused alot. The rest of the exercises were easy as pie.

I proudly say that I kept up pretty good considering I’m preggo. I surprised myself.. As this was no walk in the park workout. I will pay for this tomorrow though. I already feel my chest shaky.. And the stiffness is slowly creeping in.

I will take a well deserved R&R these next 2 weeks. After that I don’t know what I will do without the gym😫. I will probably get by for a couple of weeks doing workouts at home, but eventually I will hunt for a good gym close to me and pay monthly like most people do :(.

Till next time.


Struggling to survive…

MISERABLE!!! Best word to describe me 98% of the time.

So it’s been about a month. I thought I had it bad then..pffftttt, that was nothing.
I get ‘evening sickness’ almost every damn evening.. My diet has been reduced to mostly bland foods or sweet ones. My energy levels are so bad that I’m lucky if I get 2 workouts in a week 😫. ( I struggle to get a decent nights sleep!)

Needless to say I have been in the gym mostly to train my clients then I usually go home to rest for a bit.

The days where I find I have a bit of energy I drag myself to a cardio machine for a warmup which honestly feels more like a marathon to me. Then I’ll do some weights.

4 more weeks and I should be clear of the miseries of the first trimester. I pray that my energy levels are better than now.

I must say though.. Last Friday we had a team training session. All the trainers did a crossfit workout.. And I survived through it. No one at work knows about my bun in the oven (though my boss has his suspicions) so I had no ‘excuse’ to not do the workout.
I had to take a few extra breaks but I managed to do pretty good..

That was the highlight of my week! 😁

Pushing through

So the past couple weeks have literally been a rollercoaster. One moment I’m feeling great and full of energy and ready for a killer workout, so I put my game face on and step into the iron jungle… BRING IT!!!
Next moment I’m feeling like I’ve been run over and reversed onto by a dump truck 😫. Needless to say these past couple weeks I have struggled through, especially with my workouts. I’m lucky if I get 3 workouts in a week.

The joys of pregnancy hit me in the late afternoon/ early evening, where I find myself feeling extremely nauseous and at times a bit dizzy. I have been feeling more irritated lately and will admit at losing my cool at times ( I’m hoping those who are at the receiving end of it remember that is not really me!!)

I find myself WOOSAHH- ing to try and calm myself down.

With regards to my clients.. I struggle through the hour with them.. Alot of times holding my breath or even mouth-breathing so as not to catch a whiff of them ( super-human sense of smell= not fun when you deal with sweaty people for an hour :(). I really hope I don’t look disgusted.. I’ve been told many times I’m not subtle when it comes to my facial expressions.

Today I can barely move. I might have overdone it with my leg workout yesterday. Thank god today is a quit day for me.. Only 3 clients to deal with.

Yesterday’s Leg Workout:

Barbell squats, ass to grass 4 sets x10reps x70pds
Kettlebell single leg deadlift 4sets x10reps x45pds superset with
Lying leg curl 4sets x12reps x70pds
Dumbbell rear crossover lunge 4sets x10reps x60pds
Seated calf extension 4sets x15reps x50pds
Seated leg extension 4 sets x10reps x90pds

I have a few more weeks till I’m done with the first trimester. I have hope for the second trimester as my nausea should subside (crossing my fingers!!) by then.

Ohh did I mention I have gained 5pds already :oops:.. Healthy weight gain is 4-6pds in the first trimester. I’m hoping I can keep to that.. 1 more month to go, we’ll see what happens.

Pretty good week

This week was good, managed to hit the weights 3 days this week. DOMS hit me hard on Wednesday (following leg day).. Could barely walk the next day..and I’m still feeling stiff!

It’s weird how one day I feel totally fine, the next I get full blown morning sickness, dizziness and all that fun stuff 😳
And man oh man am I HUNGRY!! I usually eat every three hours but lately after an hour & a half I’m looking for something to munch on.
And some of my ‘choices’ aren’t on the healthy side (yikes!!): gingerale- I’m not a pop drinker; coco puffs cereal- I don’t eat cereal; cookies- ok I admit that I have indulged from time to time on cookies… I try to control these cravings as best I can.

My workouts this week:

Monday- delts

1.Seated shoulder press 5x 10x 50pds
2.Lateral raise 4x 12x 30pds
3.Rear delt flyes 4x 15x 40pds
4.Front delt raise 3x 10x 24pds

Tuesday- legs

1.Deadlifts 5x 12x 80pds
2.Leg press 4x 12x 360pds (yay!)
3.Kettlebell s.l deadlift 3x 10x 40pds
4.Leg extension 5x 12x 90pds

Today- back & triceps

1. Tbar row 4x 12x 35pds
2. Lat pull down 4x 10x 85pds
3. Assissted Pull-ups 4x 10x 40pds
4. Seated cable row 4x 15x 75pds
5. Incline barbell tricep extension 5x12x 35pds
6. Reverse grip cable tricep pull down 4x 12x 25pds
7a. Overhead d.b tricep extension 2x 15x 25pds
7b. Dips 2×10

Ohh and I will add that I went for an ultrasound on Thursday and I heard a heart beat ❤.. Didnt think I would this early, but technology works wonders 🙂

That is all for today

Sooo…. It’s been awhile..

All great change is preceded by chaos
– Deepak Chopra

Change… There has certainly been a few changes since the last time I wrote.

7 weeks back I was in full force contest prep for the may 25 OPA show.

I will admit that I went through a rough patch mentally where I wanted to give it all up. Be careful what you wish for…

I am 5 weeks pregnant!

I knew it could be a possibility.. But I didn’t think it could happen that soon.

So I guess my new count down will be till this little bundle of joy is in my arms. 247 days to be exact!

After my ‘mental’ rough patch, I started focusing on my training again. I worked out with one of the girls at work, a great shoulder & tricep workout. We topped it off with a 5k run. It was a beautiful sunny day & I felt great!
22 minutes later I was stretching and feeling awesome.
Fast forward one week.. I went on another 5k run. A different route.. But same distance. I WAS DYING!! I started off ok.. But 7min into it I started getting a bad cramp in my side & I couldn’t seem to catch my breath.

Following week I suspected I might be preggers, but it was too early to test. I tried to do some kettlebell work but again I couldn’t seem to catch my breath and my heart seemed like it was going to explode out of my chest.

A blood test by my doc confirmed what I already knew.. He was surprised I even felt pregnant. Apparently I am ‘very in tune’ with my body. I got the ok from him to continue working out, but obviously to take it easy.

Last Thursday’s workout:

Sumo deadlift 4 sets x 10 reps x 90pds

Kettlebell curtsy lunge 3sets x 12repsx 45pds *superset with*
Seated leg curl 3sets x 12reps x 85pds

Db Bulgarian split squat 3sets x10 reps x 60pds

Leg extension 4 sets x 10reps x 85pds

For all exercises I dropped the weight. I was forced to take 1.5- 2 min breaks to try and get my heart rate down which was at a scary 212 beats per minute!!

Tuesday was my first workout in 2 weeks where I didn’t feel like I was going to die of a heart attack! Again the weight I used was less than usual.. But I’m definitely feeling it!

Pull-ups 4 sets x 10 reps

Lat pull down 4sets x10reps x 85pds

Single arm db row 3sets x 10reps x25pds

Arnold press 3sets x 10reps x50pds

Machine rear delt flyes 3sets x15reps x40pds

So, from here on out I will write about my gymlife & pregnancy. ( sorry for the LONG post!)

Till next time!

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